The Political Game Between BCI And Xinjiang Cotton, Where Will The World Sportswear Be?

BCI's political game with cotton in Xinjiang, China, has sparked continued anger on China's Internet.
Today, BCI Shanghai Office issued a statement saying that all staff of BCI in China firmly support the sustainable development of China's cotton industry.

The following is the full text of the statement:
1. All staff of BCI in China firmly support the sustainable development of China's cotton industry. We carry out good cotton projects with our partners, aiming to bring positive impact on the environmental, economic and social development of cotton producing areas.
2. BCI Shanghai Representative Office solemnly declares once again that the project team in China strictly abides by the auditing principles of BCI, and has conducted the second-party credibility auditing and third-party verification for Xinjiang project sites over the years since 2012, and has never found a case of forced labor. BCI Shanghai Representative Office will continue to maintain communication with Xinjiang implementation partners to jointly maintain the sustainable development of the supply chain.
3. BCI China team calls on all members in China and relevant stakeholders to work together to actively support the formulation of China's Cotton Sustainable standards by relevant national departments, so as to contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of China's cotton industry.

As we all know, the earth has suffered more or less irreparable pollution and damage. 2015-2030 is an important 15 years for human society to practice the protection and sustainable development of the earth. Life lies in sports. In our real life, many sports clothes need to use cotton, the natural raw material of the earth.
Today, what we have to do is to strive to maintain the global sustainable development strategy of the community of shared future for mankind. If mankind foolishly wants to attack each other through speech, then the development of human sports and even human life will be threatened by all kinds of threats.

Kcansports, as the advocator of the sustainable development of China's sports and the healthy and sustainable development of human sports,unswervingly supports Xinjiang cotton, takes good care of the nature and environment with other parts of the world, looks squarely at the natural resources owned by various regions of the earth, maintains the principle of the community of human destiny, and continues to contribute to human sports

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